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Lenqua Group is an emerging farming group at the farm Tweekuilen in the potato producing Sandveld Region near Piketberg, Western Cape, South Africa.  We believe that our passion for agriculture, our diverse skills and business acumen give us the motivation to reach our vision and goals in negative economic conditions and to deal with the effects of climate change on the sector.  


OUR VISION is to become a premier commercial producer.   

We seek:

  • To implement more effective and modern environmental friendly farming methods;
  • Ensure sustainability and long term financial growth;
  • Positively contribute to food security;
  • Form sustainable strategic partnerships with established national and international businesses
  • To further develop the potential of the farm  




Our primary production is potato cultivation.

Secondary production    -             Livestock ( mainly sheep), other cash crops production on small scale such as watermelons, sweetmelons and butternuts.

Perennial crops             -              Rooibos tea and Olives     


Future enhancements   -              Citrus, Grapes, Pecan Nuts and Tourism